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About Coyle

Based in Ireland with a global reach, Coyle Group specialises in recruiting outstanding health and safety professionals on behalf of clients worldwide. We also provide clients with safety consulting services.

Ultimately, we aim to act our clients’ health and safety partner of choice in ensuring that their organisation has access to a reliable pipeline of high-quality safety professionals on a long-term or short-term basis. We also provide safety consultancy services. Everything we do is tailored to match the client’s project-specific requirements and budget expectations.

At the heart of our approach lies a first-hand understanding of the business-critical role that the human factor plays in ensuring the safety and sustainability of our clients’ operations. Indeed, Gavin Coyle has a deep personal investment in health and safety issues. He was motivated to pursue a career as a safety professional after witnessing an onsite fatality while working on a large construction project aged just 18.

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Our speciality Industries

Wind Energy Safety Officers

With experience across Europe, Coyle Group safety people can be seen working on offshore and onshore wind projects protecting life and managing safety for industry leading giants. Our unique approach to working with these leaders has set us apart from recruiters as we provide a managed service approach to all projects.

Power Station Safety Specialists

We offer the collective knowledge and experience achieved by our skilled safety people over many decades to provide safety management of projects with OEM equipment and gas turbines reducing the risk of accidents and achieving project safety goals has always been a collective vision of Coyle Group and our customers. Our safety teams, comprised of more than 100 professionals globally, work closely alongside our customers’ engineering and power teams to eliminate risks and problem solve in real time.

Utilities Project Safety Staff

Working with overhead power lines and electrical substations, our company has grown to become a leading provider of safety people to this sector. We continue to work with major industry leaders in the prevention of incidents and illness. Our quality and integrity is of utmost importance to us as we serve our customers in their daily operations.

Engineering Safety Consultants

As the industries of the globe evolve so does the question of how to maintain safety in the workplace. Coyle Group understand this evolution and apply our knowledge of local laws, international standards and best practice, business specific experience and practicality in areas such as the development of waste water treatment facilities, bioenergy plants, subsea electrical maintenance and repairs, hyperscale data centres and other high impact engineering projects. Coyle Group people can problem solve safety issues in the most complex environments.

Outsourcing your project safety requirements and goals to Coyle is a step in the right direction.


Clients Testimonials

"Having worked with the Coyle-Group for over 5 years in the renewable industry, Gavin and his team have always provided us at Enercon with top class professional H&S Consultants, who always wants to go the extra step for the project team.
Coyle-Group brings a level of professionalism that have impressed our Clients , knowing the projects are in safe hands.

Coyle-Group have become leaders in the Wind Industry with a dedicated competent Health and Safety Team."

Declan Carroll, Enercon, Germany

"Coyle Group offers a fresh pair of eyes: he will often spot the potential for hazard. Gavin Coyle and the team have given us valuable safety insight over the years, working mainly on our windfarms but also on conventional power station projects.

Power generation is an exciting, dynamic business, but it need not to be a dangerous one. At Energia we are immensely proud of our safety record: our managers and workers are happy to share much of the credit with Gavin Coyle and his team."

Brian Linton, Energia, Ireland

"Gavin[Coyle] has supplied competent EHS personnel to support our role in safety management in key project positions. Coyle Group also supplied EHS talent to our Windfarm construction operations. We find his people very flexible (times, shifts, locations, etc.) but also highly adaptive. At this stage, with a worldwide reputation, ESBI is far beyond doing the legal minimum.

We want to go further, making all our plants safer while ensuring our staff and contractors go home without incident. Signs are that Coyle Group thinks the same way.”

Liam Mannion, ESB international

"Rengen Power manage renewables assets for many different owners in Ireland. We ensure that the projects are both operating at the highest possible level of production, and more importantly to the highest safety standards. We use integrated operation control software to ensure that the assets achieve these standards.

We have worked with Coyle Group to independently verify that we’ve delivered on our promise of safety. It’s a partnership which has achieved real improvements in our H&S performance."

Des Regan, Regen Power, Ireland

"The bespoke health and safety legal training that Gavin Coyle developed and delivered was excellent!

The training was both interesting and interactive, both trainers were knowledgeable with lots of industry experience which really enhanced the training. They provided us with the essential health and safety information that we needed, as well as giving as valuable insight through their own practical experience into health and safety within the onshore wind industry in Ireland.”

Chris Nielsen, Innogy Renewables, UK

"Coyle Group consultants have excellent knowledge and understanding of health and safety requirements for the mechanical and electrical sectors within the construction industry.

One of the top leaders when it comes to health and safety recruitment and consultancy.

Coyle Group are a professional, reliable and trustworthy company with whom we have established an excellent working relationship. We would highly recommend them for safety recruitment and consultancy requirements.”

Declan Grady, Jones Engineering,

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