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Occupational health and safety (H&S) is a key component of a company’s successful operation. However, many managers are familiar with the situation when the expenditure of a salary for an H&S professional exceeds a company’s budget. What can a manager do in this situation? Is there a way to comply with all the legislative requirements and avoid significant financial costs for maintaining a nine-to-five safety expert at the same time? The answer is “Yes.” Coyle Group is here to assist you in outsourcing your health and safety management.

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Risk Maturity

The Global Slavery Index estimates that 45.8 million people across 167 countries are working in conditions defined as modern slavery.

The UK Governance estimates that modern slavery costs the national economy around £4.3bn annually, with external reports noting that UK imports more than £13.7bn of “at-risk” goods annually, likely to have been produced through forced labour.

Following the passing of the UK Modern Slavery Act, 2015, any UK based businesses with a turnover of more than £36m must report annually on what they are doing to tackle slavery in their supply chains.

The Coyle Group has developed an innovative approach to help construction leaders deal with this complexity. We are currently working with Multiplex in the UK and Energia in Ireland to implement our TierOneTeams programme.

Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the delegation of functions to outside suppliers or service providers. In the case of employment health and safety (H&S), organisations often outsource the functions of an H&S manager. It is the most optimal and cost-effective way to provide companies with H&S services without serious financial and labour costs.

Another reason to outsource is the high level of expertise of the professionals who come from specialised H&S consulting agencies. These specialises have concentrated knowledge and work experience that enables them to undertake the functions of observing the requirements of health and safety legislation.

Within the area of occupational health and safety outsourcing, consulting agencies carry out the following work:

Development of documentation
Regular updates to H&S policy and instructions
Periodic auditing and monitoring of H&S management
systems’ performance
Monitoring of internal and external changes that affect
occupational safety
Conducting consultations regarding health and safety
Advising on providing works with personal protective
clothes and equipment
Developing H&S improvement plans
Representing the company’s interests with supervisory
our company


Why Coyle Group?

Our company develops customized solutions for each specific case, which helps customers manage current issues and count on success and business growth in the long term perspective. Our experts provide full consulting services to company owners and SHEQ managers.

Practical experience and knowledge of Coyle Group specialists help to perform the high-quality GAP analysis of the Client’s current supervision system and safety culture, H&S ocumentation, workplaces and working environment. Moreover, they make risk assessment and management, ensuring conformity with legally established requirements.

Our team comprises qualified employees who are willing to come and solve your problems within one month regardless of your company’s location. All of them have considerable experience in providing personnel, safety administration, and technology implementation.

They also have significant background in Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Electricity, heavy Engineering and Construction industries.

Besides organizational and consulting support, we also provide professionals to your company on an outsourced basis. Clients, can avail of our recruiting service which will supply a safety professional to any of your projects globally.

Coyle Group has working experience with a wide range of international projects. We are not concerned where your company is situated, we operate worldwide. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, if you need our help, our consultants will be there for you.

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Our Expertise

My passion for supporting businesses to be efficient, compliant, and safe is infinite. I enjoy seeing our clients succeed in their markets and to see Coyle Group people contributing to that success gives me great belief and enjoyment and motivates me to ensure we deliver beyond their expectations. If our company can engage with your company with a common goal to be safe, successful, and consistent then that’s why we should connect.

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