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Occupational health and safety (H&S) is a key component of a company's successful operation. However, many managers are familiar with the situation when the expenditure of a salary for an H&S professional exceeds a company's budget. What can a manager do in this situation? Is there a way to comply with all the legislative requirements and avoid significant financial costs maintaining a nine-to-five safety expert at the same time? The answer is "Yes." Coyle Group is here to assist you in outsourcing your health and safety management.

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Safety Culture Assessment Tool

In 2023 we commissioned a team of research experts and safety experts to develop a white paper to address what it means to have an excellent safety culture and how does a company strive to meet this standard.

In summary, here is what we found.
  1. There is some good research papers and theories available in this area in the current global market.
  2. Most of the research has been around the Oil & Gas industry or aviation industry.
  3. The tools available to assess this area are varied and mainly broad in their approach.
What we concluded: Lets build a safety culture assessment tool for all industries that:
  1. Clearly indicates first hand experiences of workers so that business owners have detailed responses that are meaningful and actionable.
  2. Make the assessment practical, easy to use, easy to understand and targeted.
  3. Make the assessment affordable and accessible to all users.
  4. Merge the theories of the best research in this area and add our own experiences and theories into one assessment.
  5. Include benchmarking and reporting as part of the process so owners can be supported.
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