Wind Energy Case Study - Northern Ireland

Panel Installation


Coyle Group provided a Safety Officer for a client in Northern Ireland in 2017. The project involved the construction of nine wind turbines on farmland in County Antrim. During the project kick-off meeting it was identified that the Farm Control Unit and SCADA system would not fit through the control room door of the substation.


A bespoke and safe solution was required to move this delicate equipment into the building and into its final position. This would require the unit to be moved on its side to fit through the door. The unit was far too heavy to be handled manually, so a plan was devised by our Safety Officer on site to do the job safely.


The Safety Officer contacted the relevant client manager to understand all the data from the unit. Once this was available, a replica was developed to mirror the size of the panel. A couple of portable lifting solutions were then trialled on site with the assistance of the contracted hire company. Once the trial was dynamically risk assessed and completed, the Safety Officer put together the required paperwork for the customer to complete and sign off.


Beyond the immediate challenge on this project, this operation identified a design issue with the substation. The site team on this project learned from the issues and that same site team were in place on the following project. Consultation between our Safety Officer and the Principal Contractors Project Manager ensured that, on the sister site, lessons learned were actioned. The substation door size was changed to reflect the requirements and the unit was simply wheeled into position on a pallet truck.


The required lift of the equipment took place as per the Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) and Lift Plan. The unit was successfully moved into position for the technicians to install.

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